JetLegend L-39 Rivet version


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JetLegend L-39 Albatros ARF Rivet version scale 1:5 for 120 -160 Newton Turbines

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JetLegend L-39 Albatros ARF Rivet version

This Czech jet  trainer is in the scale 1 : 5 model and as ARF version.

With the straight wing this model fly very stable with the big flaps she can fly slow and has a low stall speed. 

The JetLegend/BVM L-39 PNP was first shown at Top Gun 2016 and placed 4th in the very competitive Pro-Jet Class. A few more refinements that are included in the production models were demonstrated at "First In Flight". This straight wing jet has excellent slow flight and landing characteristics.

* The size of the model is large enough to see ,and still be loaded into a        vehicle by one person .

* Treu shock absorbing scale landing gear (knee type)

* Take-off and landing capable.from a grass field.

* Straight wing jet-excellent slow flight and landing characteristics

* Servo's Linkage , fuel tanks Included.

* Lading gear ,with wheel doors and cylinders installed.

* Jet pipe installed

* JetLegend internal airflow design allows a very cool operation.

* Easy access to fuel system, batteries, radio, and engine.

* Add Turbine,receiver Servo's and batteries.

The New Rivet Version has a vacuum technology fuselage , wings ,stabilizer with a higher strength and a lower weight.

The carbon wing tube is replaced by a aluminium tube stronger and more reliable 

More scale details , panel lines , hatches and rivet markings.

A stronger landing gear.

2 side ways to open canopy's

The ARF price includes :

Model in color painted from the inside of the mold

Fuel tanks with fittings

Double wall tail Pipe

All  servo's linkage

Hard ware

Price color sceme painted from the outside € 2999,00

Options :

Landing Gear with wheels and brakes and air kit     € 795,00

Cylinders and hinges for wheeldoors                      € 110,00

Scale Cockpit                                                       € 225,00

Pre installation for L-39                                         € 331,00   


Wing Span               : 74 "  ( 1883 mm )
Length                     : 94 "  ( 2420 mm
Gewicht                   :  32 Lbs Dry (+/- 15 Kg)
Turbine                    : 120 - 160 Newton
RC                          : Elevator, rudder, Aileron, flaps, Air brake, wheel brakes, Landing retraction , Nose wheel steer, as extra lightning en smoke system.

Rudder deflections:

Elevator: +/- 20mm,

Aileron: +/- 25mm (Expo 30%)

Rudder: +/- 35mm (can be adjusted individually)

Flap: when take off: -20mm, when landing: max…

CG is 140-150mm behind the leading edge.

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