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Spektrum SPMAR9100 Power safe ontvanger


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Spektrum SPMAR9100 Power safe ontvanger

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Spektrum SPMAR9100 Power safe ontvanger


Deze AR9100 Ontvanger heeft de volgende functie's

* Robuste Power bus ontwerp om hoge stroom belasting te manage
* 2 x 16 AWG batterij input kabels met EC3 stekker bussen te bruiken bij de grotere batterij packs.
*bevat een Soft Switch die fails op aan.
* wordt geleverd met 3 remote ontvangers.
* heeft een SmartSafe functie technolgie plus een preset failsafe.
* Te gebruiken mey all Spektrum zenders en JR full range radio systemen
* een vierde remote ontvanger aansluitten is mogelijk ( moet appart aangeschaft worden)
* Flight Log uitlezen mogelijk
* US patent 7,391.320


Type Ontvanger           : Full Range Vliegtuig ontvanger
Aantal kanalen             : 9
Modulatie                     : DSM2
Freq. Band                   : 2.4GHz;
Resolutie                      : 2048
Afmeting                      : 47,3 x 40,2 x 14,2 mm
Gewicht                        : 34 Gram
Input Voltage                : 6.0-10.0V
Antenne Lengte            : 30 mm RX and Remote's 30 mm


The AR9100 PowerSafe™ receiver is designed for models using multiple servos that draw excess current or multiple high-torque servos, such as Giant-Scale airplanes and jet models. It features a robust power bus designed to manage high-current loads, as well as dual 16AWG battery input leads with EC3™ connectors for use with larger battery packs. This makes it possible to support high-current systems straight through the AR9100 receiver without the need for a separate power system. As an added measure of safety, the Spektrum™ brand designed the AR9100 receiver with a soft switch. Servo current is routed around the switch, so, should it fail for any reason, power to the system will not be interrupted. 

This unique receiver design contains a main unit which houses the power bus, and it includes 3 remote receivers which come with one of each: 9”, 12” and 24” remote receiver extensions. The dual path redundancy of Spektrum patented DuaLink® technology, plus the fact each of the receivers is mounted in a slightly different location, exposes each to a different view of the RF environment and creates a bulletproof RF link in all conditions. You can add an optional fourth remote receiver (SPM9545—sold separately) to further enhance the receiving capabilities of the system for more complex aircraft. 

In addition to Spektrum exclusive SmartSafe™ technology, the AR9100 receiver gives you the option of using standard user preset failsafe settings. It is also compatible with Spektrum optional flight log.

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This product is not intended for use by children under 14 years of age without direct adult supervision.