Aviation Design Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker

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Aviation Design Sukoi SU-27 Flanker 

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Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker Aviation Design

Dit twee motorige russiche jachtvliegtuig was jaren lang in oost-europa de tegenpool voor de fighters in west-europa .

Door zijn bijzondere aerodynamische eigenschappen en wendbaarheid deed dit menig westerse luchtmacht vlieger verbazen.

Het model is 1/8 schaal en wordt met 2 turbines van 9- 14 kg uitgerust.

Prijzen zijn inclusief 21% BTW en transport met verzekering Frankrijk -NL Almere
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The Su 27 Flanker single seat supersonic interceptor is a typical fourth generation Soviet fighter that has come to be generally recognized as one of the world's best fighters of the 90's.
The remarkable airshow routines flown by pilots of Su-27 have demonstrated manouevres such as the tailslide and the cobra which simply cannot be emulated by Western fighters. The Sukhoi SU-27 is a beautiful aircraft both on the ground and in the air with amazing maneuverability characteristics and a firepower to reckon with in air-to-air combat.
The SU-27 from AVIATION DESIGN is a super scale kit with all the panel lines, fuselage hatches, gun, antennas engraved. It also includes many scale details (cockpit, landing gear, pitot probes, air brake...).
Of course, it is fully molded in composite materials (fiberglass, carbon and epoxy) to reduce the assembly time, and improve the overall quality.
This kit is largely pre-build :
- the 2 wings, 2 fins, 2 ventral fins, 2 stabs and 2 canards come to you finished, fully molded with panel lines engraved, aluminum tube and spar already glued in place, the wing and fin alignment pins are factory installed;
- the 2 fuselage main plywood frames will be already glued in the fuselage.
So up to 85% of the work will be done in our factory.
2 Versions are now available :
- the Su-27, single seat fighter;
- and the Su-35 or Su-37, single seat, with canards foreplanes.
• High quality, grey gel-coated epoxy-glass fuselage. All the panel lines are engraved. The fuselage is in 2 parts for shipping (2 versions, Su 27 or Su 35);
• Nose cone and central tail boom in epoxy glass;
• Air brake molded in epoxy-glassv • Main gear doors;
• Canopy frame molded in epoxy-glass;
• 2 Exhaust nozzle;
• 2 Epoxy-glass inlets;
• 2 Epoxy-glass ductings;
• Fully molded epoxy carbon wings and stabs with aluminium spar already glued;
• Fully molded epoxy carbon fins with aluminium spar already glued (2 versions, Su 27 or Su 35);
• 2 ventral fin in epoxy;
• Wing tip rails;
• 2 canards in epoxy only for the Su 35 / 37;
• All plywood and wood parts pre-cut to shape where necessary;
• All hardware necessary (screws, blind nuts, ball bearing, control horns...);
• Clear formed canopy;
• vacuum parts;
• instructions in English and plan.
Characteristics ;
Wing Span :        1.84 Mtr ( 72")
Length       :        2,74 Mtr (108")
Weight with turbines : 19-20 kg ( 42-44 lbs)
Tubines : 2 x Jet-Cat P-100 or 2 x P-140