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JetCat P400 Pro Turbine


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JetCat P400-Pro Turbine Engine 

For Industrial /profesional use

Thrust 395 Newton ( 39,5 Kg)

Price on request

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Lead Time 1-3 Weeks

7 913,22 €

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Jet-Cat P400 Pro

This turbine engine is designed for industrial or professional use and has a starter/generator and can supply his own electrical power and during operation it will charge his own battery.

The turbine has a bleed air point , so it can pressurize the fuel tank or other equipment which use bleed air

This single shaft Turbine is equiped with a radial compressor ,diffusor , combution chamber , turbine and Exhaust nose.

Pro will will say, digital controled with intergated fuel valve , intrergrated  fuel pump,intergrated power bus for a single connection to ECU V10.0 , only one correction for the fuel line , intergated Kero start and a starter /generator tp supply electrical power when running

External the Fuel pump and Li-po battery.

Technical data :

Idle RPM: 30.000 R/min

Max. RPM 98.000 R/min

Idle Thrust 13 N

Max Thrust 395 N

Exhaust temperatur 480-750 Celsius

Pressure rate 3,8

Mass stream 0,67 kg /sec

Jet blast speed 212 km/h

Jet performance 116,4 KW

Fuel consumption at max RPM 1300 ml /min

Fuel consumption at idle RPM 200 ml/min

SFC@ max RPM 0,158 Kg/Nh

Weight incl valve and starter 3550 gram

Outer diameter 147 mm

Length 350 mm

Fuel J-A1 or parafine with 5% turbine oil Aero Shell 500 or BP 2380

3 years warranty

There are 3 versions 

P400-Pro Standard with only the starter , no generator future 

P400-Pro GL with starter / Generator for charging his own Li-Po battery.

P400-Pro GH with starter/ Generator for charging his own Li-PO battery , and electrical power for additional  equipment like radio equipment of your model

To control this turbine the is a choice of the RC installation kit or an Industrial installation kit .

Engine mounts required price € 25,50

There is a Jet Cat Questionnaire to be fill in when ordering this turbine, you can reply for this.

Options  RC installation kit : € 342,00

             Industrial installation kit € 245,00

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