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  • Micro Jet Turbines

    Micro Straight Jet Turbine Engine use in model aviation are of the ,, Straight Jet "type.

    The Micro turbine Engine exist of a Starter Motor , Intake , radial Compressor ,Diffusor ,Combustion Camber ,Turbine Wheel and exhaust Nozzle 

  • Turbo-prop Turbines

    The Turbo -Prop engine is build up from 2 sections , the Gas Generator ,this is a single shaft turbine engine with a starter motor , radial compressor , diffusor ,combustion chamber ,turbine and exhaust nozzle.

    The Gas Generator blow his gas stream in the reverse direction of the flight direction. 

    A second power Turbine , a free rotating turbine  takes the power out of the gas stream and convert it in a high rotation RPM of the turbine wheel , which dive the reduction gear box to reduce the RPM and increase the torque to be able to drive the propeller

  • Helicopter Turbines

    JeT Cat 2 assige turbine met vertraging speciaal ontworpen voor Model RC Helicoptre

  • Marine Turbines

    De JetCat SPM M5 is een twee assige turbine die via een tandwiel reductie kast een water schroef kan aandrijven 

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Showing 1 - 12 of 35 items