ALM-MECA A-180 turbine


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ALM-MECA A180 Turbine

180 Newton ( 18 Kg ) Thrust

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ALM-MECA A180- Turbine

Thrust 210 Newton ( 21 Kg)

The ALM-Méca A-180 micro turbine is a turbine produced in France by the family company ALM-Méca Precision Engineering.

This company produces precision parts that are used in large turbine engines for commercial aircraft.

Since a few years they also started producing Micro Turbine engines, which can be used in model aircraft jets.

The latest techniques have been applied in this turbine, for example, the casing is milled from aluminum with the motor mounting brackets directly attached to it.

The turbine has only 3 connections, 1 electrical and 2 for the fuel supply.

Then there is an ECU/Pump/Valve aluminum box with 3 fuel connections, one for supplying fuel from the tank, an output connection to the turbine for the kero start and an output connection for the fuel for the turbine.

Then the ECU has 3 electronic connections, a cable from the turbine to the ECU, for the RPM sensor, for the exhaust gas temperature sender, then the power supply for the kerostart, and power supply for the starter motor.

The second connection is a cable to the receiver for throttle control.

The third connection is a cable to the Li-Po battery.

This turbine has a special exhaust that reduces the noise level.

The fuel consumption is also lower than comparable turbines.

The maintenance interval is 50 hours for the ceramic bearings, provided that the prescribed oil from ALM-MECA is used, when using another oil brand, this falls back to 25 hours.

This turbine comes with a lift-time guarantee under normal use.

When ordering this turbine it is possible to order a single point mounting, which is easy for mounting on a glider.


Diameter : 109mm

Length: 330mm

Weight: 2 Kg

Fuel consumptio790 ml/min at 100,000 RPM

Speed : 33,000 - 126,000 RPM accel. time 3.5 sec

Thrust: 180 Newton ( 18 kg )

Exhaust gas temperature range : 550 - 750 degrees Celsius

ECU : XICOY Kerostart , V10 Program Pump Ullermanns